Classical Erhu


Working Professionals

Class Size

Group of 2
Group of 3 - 5

Lesson Duration

Individual : 30, 45, 60 Mins
Group (2) : 45, 60 Mins
Group (3-5) : 45, 60, 75 Mins

The erhu was probably one of the first Chinese instruments I ever learnt about, mostly by osmosis as some of my schoolmates were in the Chinese orchestra. I thought it was a rather tragic looking thing, with only two strings, a bow in between the strings and some tiny little box for resonance. It would be decades later, as I approached the status of a seasoned professional in my career, that I humbly discovered beauty in the erhu’s simplistic design.

As simple as it may be in construct, the erhu’s ability to express a full range of emotions more than makes up for its lack of aesthetics. I only wish more people would be blessed with the good fortune of experiencing said emotions when played live by a true erhu master.

Yet, there is hope. The more of you that come by for a trial class with our erhu instructor, the more of you that will come away with a new found respect for this unassuming instrument. So come by to the studio or call us at 65332800 to book your trial lessons now.