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Individual : 60 Mins

What makes some performances unforgettable? Is it an inborn trait? Do some people have it or can it be taught? In the first place, what is “IT”?!

Well, no reason to worry if you struggle with the answers to these questions and a whole lot more. Every performer has at one point or another pondered over these existential questions at some point in their careers; usually when they start to feel or notice stagnation. Believe me when I say it’s applicable to ALL of us on stage. Whether you’re a singer, guitarist, pianist, old-timer, noob, jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none, this is the course for you.

This is more than a course taught by a teacher. This is survival. Whatever the challenge, we work together with you, to coax the best version of you to share with your audience. From things you say to how you say it to how you say it with your instrument while you play, right down to styling you, we will not rest until you have been packaged to perfection; without losing the essence of what makes you, YOU.

Not to mention, given our incredibly talented and BILINGUAL instructors, we offer this unique programme in both English and Mandarin, so whichever scene you are immersed in, there’s equal opportunity to excel and elevate yourself!

Those of you ready to take the plunge and rise from the ashes like a phoenix, call us at 65332800 for a trial lesson or visit us at our studio and speak to any one of our friendly bilingual staff.