Classical Suona


Working Professionals

Class Size

Group of 2
Group of 3 - 5

Lesson Duration

Individual : 30, 45, 60 Minutes
Group (2) : 45, 60 Minutes
Group (3-5) : 45, 60, 75 Minutes

Never has there been a more distinct sound than that from suona. No, not sauna but SUONA. And while its name may seem all too similar to a spa retreat, there is nothing soothing and calming about this instrument. Which is not a bad thing. If all instruments were calming, music would be VERY BORING

So what is a suona? Ok, you know those long wooden trumpet looking things they used to play in the wedding scenes for those period movies? Yup, that is the suona. It’s commonly used on occasions that require joyous proclamation and the suona’s shrill blare that is comparable to the bleating of a trumpet is perfect for injecting a bit of life into any party.

Although we have moved on in these modern times to using other methods to bring life to a party, the suona is still very much an essential part of Chinese music. As one of the more challenging instruments to take on, this course is perfect for those of us who go against the grain and are non-conformists.

If that sums you up, you might want to pick up your phone and dial 65332800 and book your first lesson straight up because people like us don’t need trials. Although, it would be best if you did still so the instructor can place you into the correct class.