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Working Professionals

Class Size

Group of 2
Group of 3 - 5

Lesson Duration

Private : 30, 45, 60 Mins
Group (2) : 45, 60 Mins
Group (3-5) : 45, 60, 75 Mins

Aloha oe… blue sunny skies, white powder sands, foamy waves lapping, and inviting Mai Tai. Add the Ukulele and be transported to the shores of hula-hula Waikiki. Sounds enticing? It sure does and while we cannot bring you to Hawaii, we can definitely bring you the magical sounds from the land of Mahalo!

A family of the Lute family, it originated as the Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete in the 19th century,ukulele’s appeal has reached far and wide across the seas from its humble beginnings. It’s the last Hawaii monarch, Queen Lili’uokalani who aptly called it “the gift that came here” based on the Hawaiian words “uku” (gift) and “lele” (to come).

Small as it is, the ukulele’s portability and simple versatility is the reason for its popularity in major countries like Japan, the US and the UK. Spawning artistes like Eddie Vedder and Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole who, with their honest to goodness music, haunting vocals and melodies, have swept many a nation (including Singapore) into an Uku-frenzy.

So take a breather from the heaviness of daily routine and sign up for our Ukulele classes now! Call us at 65332800 or drop by at our studio and sign up to serenade your friends and loved ones with the magical sounds from the shores of pearly shells. We look forward to welcoming you to the ‘Ohana of SHO Music.