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Never really seriously considered the violin when you or your child were selecting a musical instrument? Well, take comfort you are with the majority. It is highly likely that you have not watched the movie The Red Violin. The piece in the movie called Kaspar’s Audition moved many to tears from the very first note. It is listening to violin masterpieces such as these, where many violinists are born. For others, that moment happens when watching the likes of Singapore-born and world-renowned Vanessa Mae transform the old-world charm of the violin to deliver catchy jazzy tunes.

Yes, there’s so much more to the violin than just classical music. There’s of course folk music, country fiddling, gypsy music and so much more! With an instrument like this, the possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

Violins are handy to carry around for lessons and performance. Pick them up and you are on the way. So go on, pick up the phone and give us a call at 65332800 to book your trial lesson.  Or even better, pop by the studio and sign up right there. Here’s to finding the next virtuoso!