Classical Zhongruan


Working Professionals

Class Size

Group of 2
Group of 3 - 5

Lesson Duration

Individual : 30, 45, 60 Minutes
Group (2) : 45, 60 Minutes
Group (3-5) : 45, 60, 75 Minutes

If ever there was a tone that suggested mother’s love to me, it would have to be the zhongruan. If for no other reason than the fact that its mellow voicings are a choice support for many main Chinese instruments. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point, its versatile timbre would bridge the gap between east and west music on a modern front.

Just a heads up, so you get an idea of what this instrument is and what it is about, the actual Ruan (阮) is a lute of Chinese origins and has 5 sizes in its family, with the zhongruan being the Tenor. As the ruan has easily blended tonal quality, ruan ensembles make it most effective in playing polyphonic music. But I shall stop with the technical specs or I might lose you.

If you haven’t noticed by now most Chinese instruments seem to exude a certain je ne sais quoi about them and the zhongruan is not exception. Why not live a little and take up this beautiful instrument? For all you know, you might find the love you’ve been searching for in its dulcet tones.

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