Joshua Tan

With 10 years of performing experience under his belt, Joshua Tan has a wealth of knowledge in music beyond his 26 years. Classically trained in the piano (Grade 8 ABRSM), the mostly self taught guitarist and vocalist got his first taste of performing “live” in Boat Quay, and there was no looking back since. Coming from a family of musicians (his father is a choir master, and his brother is a full-time musician), Joshua’s natural flair for performing music quickly saw him progress onto bigger and better venues and gigs. For leisure, Joshua writes songs, and has sold his original compositions to popular Asian recording artistes. When an opportunity came up 3 years ago to teach music to youths, Joshua slipped into his new role with ease. Now, Joshua’s focus is on nurturing the musical talents of tomorrow, teaching the guitar, piano, and drums to eager young minds.